Day 130

Hello. It felt like there was something missing today, so I wrote a song. What a strange thing, doing it agin – the whole process. I feel like I’ve been neglecting myself and everyone else. I have decided. I need some help. Can anyone help me? I have 100 (and 1) songs, some of which […]

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Day 100 – Mirth is Born

I can’t believe I just wrote that.  I did it.  I wanted to do something, and I did it. There’s a lot that I could say.  I’ll see if it comes out. I wonder what you’d like to know? How do I feel? I am not one to get excited too much in the moment, […]

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Day 99

Here I am.  29 years old and still unsure what the hell I’m doing with myself.  One thing I do know, Is that I’m the only person who can control what I do, guided by what I know.  What do I know? The time has come, where one stage in life is ending and another is […]

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Day 98

Hitched a ride on a boat to the other side.  Thought about breaks and bows. I know I have three songs left to write.  I’m trying to put together everything I’ve learnt in these three days, and hope that I don’t crumble underneath myself. I had a sleep, and then woke up, grabbed my instruments, […]

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Day 97

In the last few days, a couple of people have commented on my posts – the written bits. These are not something that I’ve really considered, they are just a small introduction, usually unnecessary. However, I have realised that a few people enjoy them more than the music. I have realised that, though I find […]

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Day 96

Friday night.  I’m giving myself the extra challenge of not drinking alcohol or coffee.  This is not sensible.  100 challenges in 100 days.  I’m hooked. This is an hours work on a Friday night, with my friend sat in the living room waiting for me to finish.  I’m finished now 🙂

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Day 95

Day 95 – Day 95 – Day 95 – that’s f**king mental. After yesterday’s calamities, and the prediction of more for today, I was surprised at many wonderful things – “Let’s bring wonderful back!” is a phrase I heard this evening. The song’s theme was inspired by a volunteer at work, Lyn, who told me […]

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