Day 1

So …. This is ambitious.  100 songs in 100 days.

I hope:  I will sing more, I will play more, I will write more, I will share more.

It’s going to be strange putting out things that have had minimal tweaking.  However, I’ve spent too much time thinking about how something isn’t perfect.  Perfect is just an excuse and is completely subjective.  Perfect prevents me from exploring, so bring on imperfection.

Writ: Completed today.  I have been writing it over the past couple of weeks, so it will have more bones to it than what’s to come (I think).  Written in 3rd person, it’s about a woman standing accused in the stocks, and the public reaction to this.  Accused of what, I’m not sure, possibly just being herself – seems quite an appropriate starting point …

Every song from here on out will have come completely from the day it was born.


6 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Amazing beginning to this brilliant idea and I’m so excited to follow the journey. Yes to more embracing of all, and relegation of perfection in art – this is so pertinent!


    1. Blythe – you are such an inspiration to me! That you push so hard at what you know is the best for you soul is such an amazing thing to be part of. I’m so proud of you and so honoured that you are my friend.


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