Day 4

Ok, Please beware before you listen on – THIS IS AN IMPROVISATION!  Sometimes recalling your ideas and putting all the “best” ones together just isn’t the right way to go. I had a huge realisation today, so big, that there was no room or time to break it down.  That’s what moment to moment living does for you, and there’s no harm in expressing it – what else is there?  Really, who breaks everything down before they live?  Anyway, I have realised that I need to say thank you: thank you to everyone who’s ever been part of my life – I hope I’ve let you know how much you mean to me, and if I haven’t, then shame on me and thank you again for sticking with me.

I was worried that this might become a ramble zone, but I didn’t think it would happen on day 4, but you know what – f*** it! Thank you to Rebecca Sofia Moore for making me do this project and firing me up – this one’s for you!


2 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Rambling is great Ranting, even better. It’s when we express ourselves constantly and consistently that we truly individuate and produce interesting work. Nice to see the raw creation expressed here.


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