Day 9

I really think you wish for what you want in a song.  Maybe even if you’re singing about heartbreak, you are still wishing to feel it so intensely that you let it out.  Sometimes you write something before you realise what it’s about – that’s what I’m really enjoying about getting things down, as ordinarily they would just be washed away with time, but here they are held on to.  It’s still strange though, as I really haven’t had to chance to listen back to them yet – so in that way they are just stored up – like a wardrobe full of different clothes from different periods of your life; I wonder if the songs match the clothes I was wearing on the day I wrote them – I bet there’s some sort of correlation there.

I’ve decided that for days 11 – 20 I’m going to get given titles/themes from others; if you have one, please let me know and I’ll build up around it.


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