Day 10

10 days – feels like every day’s a celebration, and people, it is!  Begun my day with 7 emergency vehicles and no people.  Then the story of an old man who had walked into the hills to “find his maker” and “resolve the worlds problems”.  He was found naked in the middle of a walking track close by, by an early morning jogger – but he is ok.  I don’t know why I need to share this, but it dictated the whole rhythm of the day.  People can get the anything in their heads.

Song 10 – Jammin’ with my hommie Ben in da house.  This feels like a sneaky one, to keep me fresh and keep you finger tappers on your toes.  I can’t sit and write a song every day for one hundred days – that’s ridiculous – the things people get in their heads.  What I can do is experience and share a musical expression, and what better prompt than a drum – a pulse – a beat, a boom boom boom – and a person to shake the room with.  Or, to put it simply, I was tired, we had tagine and it felt like the right thing to do.  The idea of collaborating has seemed funny, but today I didn’t think about it – it is what it is – and if you don’t like it, it sounds like a personal problem to me!


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