Day 11

Sometimes setting just dictates what comes out of you; whether that be codswallop in a bar, swanky talk at the races or acoustic singer/songwriter chord sequences as you’re watching the sun go down by the sea.

Today I did the latter and enjoyed the simplicity of what came out – it didn’t need to be anything else.

Today was the first of 10 days of “Songs based on a theme”.  Today’s theme comes from Rebecca Moore and, though it stemmed from previous thought tangents, it landed on a man named, P.T Barrnum.  He was an American showman and business man born in the early 1900’s who built a reputation on hoaxes – taking the public for a ride.  My song seems to be about what his thoughts may have been whilst he spent a moment alone, considering his life.

If YOU have a theme; drop me a line, check-in, hit me up or simply, suck it to me.


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