Day 12

Let’s just say, I’m very happy I’ve been making this song and it seems that while the song was made, other people were probably happy too.  This one comes themed by “Juanito” who wanted something childlike and joyful and simple, based on 2 chords – so here it is – “Little Bohema” xxx


3 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. K*******e….. You’re insane, the proudest brother, so nice to have something so beautiful from you every day! Still, I have 88 days to look forward to and will be 88 days closer to seeing you! Xx


    1. Hi love, I’m so glad you’re alive and listening – I’d love to do am over-the-seas collaboration at some point – I think I’m going to have a few of them if I can get it sorted. I miss you so much – please come and see us soon. xxxx


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