Day 16

It’s 8:52 in the morning, and due to life, I’ve just recorded my first early morning piece.  It had to be done, and the first thing that came into my head was “It’s too early”.  As I was making it, I went through the process of thinking, “this is going to be terrible – I haven’t even woken up yet and I’m going to post this up for people to listen too?” But then I realised that it’s just as relevant as anything else;  I might be tired, and it might be raw, but it’s a moment that I’ve captured, and that’s the whole point.

It’s so difficult to keep balance and purity with this project.  It has to be what it is, it has to mould itself around everything else and be moulded around.  A few years from now, I will listen to today and will remember exactly where I was, the acoustics of the space, but at the same time, there will have been a part of me that I drew out, that I might not even recognise, and that’s why I’m doing this, because life is momentary and what’s better than enjoying the same moment over and over for different reasons.


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