Day 30

POP in, POP out, POP up.  Sometimes things just get POPPY (as in the genre, not the wild flower)!  A day spent thinking about what my song would sound like instead of actually writing it, and again, though I tried to have it done by a reasonable hour, here I am at 11:55pm just finishing – I wish I could turn off the “I’ll get it finished by the exact deadline and no earlier” button in my head.

This song stemmed from a real urge to let go completely – having listened to some of my previous songs, i realised that all the best are one’s completely of their moment, with a lack of real thought, just a succumbing to what sounded right at the time.  As a result of this realisation, I tried hard not to concentrate.  It was a bit like trying to get to sleep – it never works.

I knew there would be peaks and troughs and tunnels and jumps, but this is a whole other obstacle course to that which I imagined.  I hope you are enjoying the tunes people – thanks for listening if you are.


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