Day 31

2014 has been good to me and I have learnt many things:  I have learnt that, again, I don’t know anything.  I have learnt that you will most likely always be unprepared, and that if you are prepared, then maybe it’s time to do something you are unprepared for.

I continue to learn about the value of friendship, especially through this 100 days; the effect that distance and language have on a bond between people.  Thank you to all those who have been a friend to me over the last 31 days;  It is not easy writing a song every day, but many people have made it easier.

I have discovered a fellow mate has been out at sea, and that he may well return there soon.  He has asked me to write him a song, and my mood today, brought on by the wind and rain, made me think of him and the ups and downs of his passage – I hope this finds you well Mr Wheaton.

2014, “got it done”, 2015, “see you shortly”.


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