Day 36

It happened, “Monday” – both the idea of it and the thing itself moulded into one to create the strangeness that is, the beginning of a “working week”.  Both my mind and my body struggled to remember what I was meant to do on such a day, and thus, I just concentrated really hard and hoped that that, would be enough.

I returned home knowing that a song must come of the day, and a trance-like, dreamy song has emerged from my withered holiday blossom of a mind.  Sleepy times beckon and my bed sings me a lullaby with its giant cushion mouth.

I feel like the different days of the week might have different time signatures … (ponders)  Today, I left the calm and settled waters or 4/4 or 3/3 and though it demanded a little more concentration at first, when I arrived at 7/8 the rhythm dictated me, rather than the other way round.


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