Day 48

At work again today watching people engross themselves in art, whilst dealing with people, authority and environment. Learnt a lot through others today.

I recorded the ideas for my song over the period of a few hours, between having conversations with people. We now have friends over for dinner and the idea of isolating myself with a computer seems like a ridiculous thing to do (though I’m doing it right now) so I’ve made a decision; I’m going to put up a song completely unedited and raw.

This is different from some “raw” recordings that I’ve put up. This one was intended for editing, it is full of little ideas and mistakes which would have been edited out, but I don’t want to be antisocial and I also would like people to be completely involved in this and I think this song really exemplifies, in it’s current form, how imperfection can be ok, and relevant, and pleasing.


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