Day 51

Well, what a day.  Busy, exciting life!  That which passes through the brain on one is completely missed by the brain of another. Each to their own, and if your own crosses with my own, then great.  If not, I wonder what that means?  Communication is like water, and everyone swims differently;  It’s nice when you can swim alongside people for a while.

This tune came from banging on a sound sculpture at work, filled with pans and pipes and drums and fun, along with the gong.  I recorded all the beats with a metronome in my ear and them planted them all in my excellent and extremely top notch editing software.  Then I listened, and with only a few minutes worth of swapping and cutting around, “Banana Leaf” was born.

This one’s for Amorangi and Michael – both fans of the sound sculpture for many different reasons.


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