Day 52

I am going to be on National Radio – Music 101 – on Saturday.  Tomorrow, I am driving 2 1/2 hours down the road to do an interview.  How funny life is.  I love that this is all part of this project;  everything that happens within it, is part of it.  I love that I don’t have time to think about anything, because, at the end of the day, I have a song to write, and there’s not time to think about anything else.

The song:  I liked the today of my musical brain.  I learnt over the course of the first 10 minutes of creating, what kind of creative mood I was in.  I was trying to write lyrics but had to stop trying to get the most relevant and appropriate ones.  I pressed record and improvised, and what you hear are the lyrics that came out. 

i didn’t come to the table with anything, I sat down at the guitar and started and that was that!  I’m learning what it feels like to be “letting go”.  It happens every now and again.


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