Day 61

This is where this project really comes into its own. Moments, selfish moments. Is a moment to me what it is to you? Especially when you broadcast, when you share over the airwaves or over the ether, eether, inter, net.

Today I share a moment. I was having far too much fun to leave where I was, and go off alone to write a song about things. So I wrote a song there and then, mainly because a song was demanded and I knew that if I succumbed, I would capture something and force myself to post it due to lack of time. And here I am, posting it.

A lot of the people you hear in this recording, are people who have been integral to me getting through the last 60 days – my boss, my man, my friends, my whanau. Why the hell not post this.

This is probably one of the days I will appreciate most in the future – this one’s for me, and for them, even though they don’t even know how important it is yet.


3 thoughts on “Day 61

  1. I shut my eyes and I’m there, such a nice feeling, I can almost smell the wine and cray fish! I can’t help but listen to Sean talk about midday on a Saturday, how it’s the end of his week. The simple chitta chatta I miss so dearly! I can put money on becks belting out those lyrics with her eyes firmly shut!! Brilliant!


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