Day 73

And … I’m back in the room. What a day; so much jibber jabbering. Many topics. Some days, people just want to talk, and I was obviously one of them. So, by the time I got to writing my song, I didn’t really have anything to say – or, at least I thought.

Writing a song a day is hard. I know you know this, but it’s not just hard because writing a song a day is hard, it’s hard because everyone around you has to let you write a song a day and you have to let them, let you.

Today, I wanted to write a song, but I also wanted to spend some time with loves and family. I made a decision to write and record in 45 minutes and this is what I have. Again, no more or less relevant than 5 hours work, I think, in terms of memory, communication and celebration, maybe musically not so much.

Time – moments – rhythm – pattering – plateauing

These are all the memories I have of my song, and the chord triangles on the fret board.

(P.s. I typed the above words into google and this is an image that came out of that)


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