Day 85

Ok people.  It’s time to start listening.  I need your help.  I am realising many things – making a reality out of what I am doing.  I have 2 weeks left, 2 WEEKS.  you have stuck with me this long, stay with me a little bit longer.

I felt like everyone else today – I was a spectator of my own doings.  I was bored, I wanted to forget that I had to play music.  What a stupid notion.  Why the hell am I doing this anyway?  To enjoy this luxury!!  And what luxury.  How I can transform myself in a matter of minutes.  How I can be excited by my own thoughts, and listen to that excitement over and over again.

what a pleasure it is to write songs.  What a pleasure to listen to them.

How mundane is reality when we forget these things!!


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