Day 97

In the last few days, a couple of people have commented on my posts – the written bits. These are not something that I’ve really considered, they are just a small introduction, usually unnecessary. However, I have realised that a few people enjoy them more than the music. I have realised that, though I find songs interesting, maybe some other people don’t. People are interested or disinterested in this project for different reasons. One can never assume.

Now, with that in mind, I’m going to tell you the whole truth about today’s song and today.

I went to work on a Saturday and did not want to. Although the world presented me with many a fine smile and a nice comment, and a thousand luxuries at my fingertips – I didn’t want to know.

I looked forward to coming home, although I knew that I wouldn’t be able to shake this feeling off quickly, and I didn’t.

I made a decision not to stay at home and write a song, but to go into a big, dark room and watch films about the sea and the spirit it gives you.

I left remembering good things about life. I left feeling lucky and loved. I left at 10:45pm without having written a song.

I came home, stomach grumbling, and sat down. My guitar seemed innocent, vulnerable and harmless. I let it do it’s thing.

Harmonics sound beautiful, and even more so intensified through stereo mics and some Sennheiser headphones.

This was enough for me.

Good night


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