Day 99

Here I am.  29 years old and still unsure what the hell I’m doing with myself.  One thing I do know, Is that I’m the only person who can control what I do, guided by what I know.  What do I know?

The time has come, where one stage in life is ending and another is beginning – only I can decide the particulars of that crossover, but I can’t decide how that crossover begins to make it’s way into my life.

So many things to think about.  So many things left to achieve.  So many influences.  Age.

Are we a forever unsatisfied generation? Have we been shown too many possibilities?  Will I always want more?

The more and more relevant I’ve become to myself, the less relevant I begin to feel on this earth – and I have to be ok with that.

You begin to know what you want, late, if you’re lucky, and then you have to choose to enjoy little parts of it at a time, spreading the rest of it out, all around you.  You look at the pieces everyday, and try and grab hold of them, one at a time.

You stop having time to reach out, and so, just watch as they move further away, still shining and beautiful, but unreachable.

I suppose you can still enjoy them that way, right?

I know I’m coming to the end of a silly, social media based project, but It’s happening to coincide with life, and life is coinciding with itself.


2 thoughts on “Day 99

  1. Fantastic achievement, maybe set an alarm from the end of your project for another 100 days. When the alarm that you may forget about finally goes off reflect on the space. Will the last hundred days feel longer or shorter, more or less intense. I believe your project was like a magnafiing glass that not many persons would be able to complete.


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