Day 100 – Mirth is Born

I can’t believe I just wrote that.  I did it.  I wanted to do something, and I did it.

There’s a lot that I could say.  I’ll see if it comes out.

I wonder what you’d like to know?

How do I feel?

I am not one to get excited too much in the moment, I am not one to weep too much in the moment.  I like to take time to ponder and wonder.  That I will do now.  Maybe it’s time to start bragging – maybe that’s what gets you places.

I can not realise the significance of what I have done, because I have learned that both everything and nothing is significant. Life is a game of achievement dominos, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to push the first one.

I feel just like I did after I wrote the first song, but more confident and more determined to utilise my talents.

What have you learnt?

I have learnt that trying to create the unknown is hard, but that focussing in on one thing every day is possible.  I am good at completing things I believe in.  I need to believe more and create more.

I have learnt that I am diligent.

I have learnt that people have a huge effect on me, and that some people realise this and some people don’t.  People are busier than people have ever been.  You have to expect everything and nothing from yourself, and everything and nothing from others, and be pleased with whatever result you get.

Mostly, I have learnt that every day is unique and that, if i want to, i can channel that moment into something.

How much time have you spent on these songs?

I have spent between half an hour and 5 hours on these songs.  They have all been caused by the occurrences between sunrise and midnight, and all of the things that caused those occurrences.  I have not purposefully used ideas from any other day but the day in question.

NB. These songs have been composed, recorded, edited and posted in a day.  Please allow for their imperfections.

How has your songwriting evolved?

I knew that I would be writing songs, but i didn’t realise i would try and write the songs I’ve always wanted to write.

I started with my trusted acoustic arrangement, and I soon got bored – When you HAVE to do something everyday, you might as well make it interesting.

I have noticed that rhythm an harmony are both extremely important to me, and that they give me as much joy as anything in this world.

I have developed a style and, because I’ve been writing these so quickly and frequently, I’ve actually been able to notice it. Sometimes it scares me because it doesn’t sound like anything else.  Sometimes it excites me because it doesn’t sound like anything else.

When I have gone back to acoustic arrangements in the latter part of the project, i have seen how swimming around in other musical experiments, has influenced and made more coherent these simple songs.

What will I do now.

I will choose some, and tweak them, without interfering too much, and see what happens.

Thank you.

(If you have any further questions, feel free to ask – I’m still here)


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