About this Project

“On the outside of beholding something thrown forth.” Mirth (with help from the history of language) 23 December 2014

about (adv.)
Old English abutan, earlier onbutan “on the outside of”

this (pron.)
Old English þis, neuter demonstrative pronoun and adjective (masc. þes, fem. þeos), probably from a North Sea Germanic pronoun *tha-si-, formed by combining the base *þa– (see that) with –s, which is probably identical with Old English se “the” (representing here “a specific thing”), or with Old English seo, imperative of see (v.) “to behold.”

project (n.)
c.1400, “a plan, draft, scheme,” from Latin proiectum “something thrown forth,”

It’s day 23 and I felt it was about time to write this. What this is will change to me, but, in this moment, I throw forth this …

A song a day?
Written, recorded and posted/shared?

– A song a day it is.
For 100 days? Why?
– 100 is a round number and “holds hints of perfection”.
That sounds great – I don’t need to know anything else (Stop)

OR Why are you doing this? I don’t understand, please tell me (Read on)


As a moment, this came out of my head on Saturday 22nd November 2014, around 10am.
On giving it more thought, it seems to have emerged from a number of things:
– The guilt I feel from not playing music
– An introduction to the idea of a 100 days of something
– Watching the film “Boyhood”
– Witnessing a friend having an idea and transforming it into completion
– A desire to communicate honestly with those close by and those far away.

I am engaging with pressure to enable a process/action. A deadline/time frame concentrates purpose – I will get something done in the time I have.

This is an anti-mind movement. It is the result of 20 years of academia; a mind conditioned to process and result. It comes from a mind so much part of being educated that, instead of doing, it has had to educate itself into finding a way to get something done.

Research, analyse, compare. Borrow, make, measure. Reanalyse, perfect/disregard.

I have spent so much time wondering and assuming, thinking about all the reasons why and why not – Think – “cause to appear to oneself,” – that a life of in-genuinety and illusion has ensued.

Education can teach you things, but it doesn’t necessarily teach you how to do things.

Whether it be poor, mediocre, average, quite good, good, very good, outstanding, it has to be to be anything. Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do” and though this is not about reputation, Ford did get things done.

I have to get it done. No one is going to come along and pull everything out of my head, I have to pull it out and show everyone, but mainly, pull it out to show myself what kind of creature I am.

I am a musician/music lover/believer in the idea that music is the food of the soul. I don’t know how to do anything better than this. The problem is, although I know this, I haven’t been able to prove it very easily, to myself or to others.

This is me proving that I care enough to try; and that as I try, I show persistence, and that as I persist, I realise how I do things best.

< EARS >

22 days down and I have taken 22 things out of my head and shown myself what they are; I have made them so sporadically that I have been able to listen to them objectively. I have realised that I need different musical food from one moment to the next but that musical food I need. It may not be relevant, it may not be perfect, it may be embarrassing, it may be elating, but it most definitely is.

I have done this to communicate myself to others, but I have realised that I am only really trying to communicate with myself. Although I know there are people listening, and it is this that often gives me incentive, it is only I who can benefit from this process and become fulfilled.

However, there is me, and then, there is you. There are my sounds and your ears – this is engagement.

Why would anyone want to listen? To see whether I can do it. To support me. To hear music that does something to them – The fact that people do, makes me feel so happy and makes me better at being true.

Thank you for engaging. Every set of senses that is part of this is helping me achieve myself.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Moore – “Conscious Confusion” 2014
Sometimes you are lucky enough to stumble across someone who cares equally as much about your fulfilment as their own. This person will not hesitate to take action when they know something will help you. This person will recognise your needs and help build you a platform. This person will listen to you everyday. This person will tell you what they think every day and give you ideas and inspirations. Thank you for being this person.

“The only way you can truly enjoy the present, is if you surprise yourself” – KLMS, July 2010

Here’s my favourite surprise so far:


2 thoughts on “About this Project

  1. Hi Miss…haven’t seen you for ages as I have been otherwise enaged with the Big Sea. I would love you to write a song about what i’m wading through… a song perhaps of a ship having to leave too soon for distant shores.I would like to play this on my impending day of departure- all rather sad really but I imagine your voice singing to those I care about a last message from me…can you do it do you think? I love your music and this site…well , your simply a star my dear girl.
    Have a merry christmas to you and yours.Go well..


    1. Hi Terry, It’s so nice to hear from you, I’m sorry I haven’t replied sooner. I will definitely do this for you, it would be an honour. Who knows what will come out of me, and which day, but whatever it is, I hope it’s suitable. I am positive that you won’t be needing it for a very long time.

      I hope you’re keeping chipper and that you haven’t put a dent in that lovely new car of yours 🙂


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