Day 94

Pressure. I think I’ve found the cause of all my failures. This project has tossed and turned me in and around myself and asked many things of me. It is my project. I can do as much or as little as I please. I could stop. I have got close to the end, and with […]

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Day 93

Tuesday.  Monday takes too long to wake up through, so Tuesday has to serve up 2 days in one. People want to talk on Tuesday’s.  Today, people wanted to talk. People want to know things on Tuesday’s.  Today, people wanted to know things. Why can’t everyone want things on different days, apart from Tuesday. By […]

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Day 92

What a haze. I tried all day to figure out what the hell was wrong; tired? Sun kissed? emotional? overwhelmed? Monday? Maybe I’ll never know. One thing’s for sure, I have some very special people around me and they have a huge effect on how I function. I never realised just how much some one […]

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Day 91

A dream filled snooze, a misty wake, a walk and eggs, a little break. A shady hat, a sandy cruise, a chocolate tart, a second snooze. A jigsaw puzzle, a sunset pure, a Swedish charm, a More Mormor.

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Day 90

There’s a strange feeling about.  I’ve been writing songs for 90 days and, with 10 left, one would think that I would be embracing each final day.  However, Having written 90 songs, I’m kind of over it.  Though, as soon as I start writing, something does come out, inevitably.  Who knows what i’ll think of […]

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Day 89

Thunder crackles and falafels. Pots and pans and, “thank you Mam’s”. Something darker to start the evening. This one was recorded in the gallery and has a brooding edge to it. It reminds me of Portishead a little, though I’d laugh at drawing comparisons with them. It’s funny, I’m feeling good toady, but still, out […]

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Day 88

Two fat ladies.  Two people.  To be, or not to be? That.  Is.  The.  Question (yes, I have finally gone mad)

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