Day 87

I’m about to embark on a career as a Radio DJ.  I think it might be my perfect vocation, and I never realised.  I know that music travels, it travels through the air in waves, it travels over land and sea in waves, and it travels from people to people through voice, ears and language. […]

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Day 86

This song came from a conversation, as many songs do.  It was a conversation that come out of me quite by surprise, in the form of this song.  When we converse, I think we are genuinely putting a little part of ourselves into someone else, and they in turn can share it – we should […]

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Day 85

Ok people.  It’s time to start listening.  I need your help.  I am realising many things – making a reality out of what I am doing.  I have 2 weeks left, 2 WEEKS.  you have stuck with me this long, stay with me a little bit longer. I felt like everyone else today – I […]

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Day 84

A day on a boat.  Now I’m off, but still rocking back and forth.  Nearly lost my guitar to the sea, but I was lucky.  Sunday of rest, and a small test of willing.  Leaving more to be said, by not saying it all.

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Day 83

I was determined to enjoy myself and allow my guitar and I some quality time together.  Sometimes I feel I shun my guitar for it’s limits – my guitar has been very kind to me, and I almost feel like it’s tired at the moment from having to work so hard.  So, today, I wanted […]

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Day 82

Before we headed off the the big smoke, I sat in the spare room and recorded this song.  i don’t know quite where it came from, but it seems to be reflecting a little on getting old.  There’s definitely a plodding along about it – getting on with it feel.  I like the vocal line.

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Day 81

Today was the 5 year wedding anniversary of 2 two of the most special people I’ve ever met – so amazing that they found each other. I returned from work, lasagne on the brain. I sat down and played a drum, came up with a heavy (for me) lick and some vocals.  I wish I’d […]

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