The Album

After 100 days of procrastination, it is time.  I’m going to do my best to get an album out of myself.

The album is a format that’s important to me, and though I’ve been toying with lots of “what should I do’s”, this is what I want to do, so why do anything else.  No matter what people say about the “validity” of the album and it’s relevance today in a world of tracks and tunes, I’m not doing this for anyone else apart from me.

I have chosen my favourites, very quickly (though some have, of course, been rattling around in my head since I finished the project).  From these, I am going to try and deduce down to 10 – 16.  I’m going to have to be brutal and think very clearly about the process that will be involved in developing and completing each one to get it to a standard that I am completely happy with.  I will have fun.

Below are my chosen ones.  Anyone who is here reading this has a hugely relevant say in what shape this album ought to take – please reveal your thoughts to me and help me make this the best it can be.

There’s 30 tracks here – 68 minutes of music.  Choose your favourite/s and let me know.

Cheers! Here’s to deadlines!!


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